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Text Properties for Sale in Cha-Am

Properties for sale in Cha-Am
Real Estate, Houses and
Plot of Lands in Thailand

Cha-Am in Thailand is a very fast growing city. Because of the fresh breeze of sea wind, you don´t feel the hot temperatures in the hot time of year so extreme. In rain season you will find no other city in Thailand, where the rain is so low. It will rain about half an hour or one hour a day and the rest of the day wou will have sunshine again.
So the climate and the nice beaches makes Cha-Am to a place like paradiese on earth!

Here you find some offers of houses for sale, real estates and plots of land, where you can build yourself your dream house with swimming pool.

Just click on the pictures, in which you are interested in!

Land for sale in Cha-Am:

Land for salle in Cha-Am near beach
1900 square meters, 6 km from beach for 1.3 Mio Baht

Houses for Sale in Cha-Am:

All prices of properties, estates and houses for sale are including tax and all other costs.
We donĀ“t charge you commission and you can directly contact the owner.

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