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Cha-Am Nightlife

Cha-Am is not a very big city, so the nightlife here is not very big. You find many, many bars, Karaoke bars, live music bars and massage parlours, where you can get real Thai massage and also "special" Thai massage.

The most of the bars are run by foreigners from all parts of the world, but mostly from Europeans.
The most well-known area of bars is the road BUS SOI.

But also in the first road, direct on the beach, you find many nice bars. All bars normally have to close at 1 o´clock in the night. But some bar owners pay a "little extra" to the police, so they can run their business late in the night.

Prostitution is very low in Cha-Am, so you can go even with your children at any place without being ashamed. You find some dolls in massage salons and in some bars, where you can ask for a nice evening, if you like!
You donĀ“t find whores on thhe street, like in many citys of Europe or America.

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