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The Cha-Am Forest Park
Khao Nang Phanthurat

In the Forest Park of Cha-Am you find a hundred kinds of rare birds in all colours. The most of them are songbirds.
Songbirds in the Cha-Am forest

In many trees you find birds nests. There are many bird families living in one tree. This is a safe way for the colonie to survive.
Birds nests in Cha-Am Forest Park

But there are not only birds, who build their nests in trees. Take care, if you touch trees or bushes, when you are walking through the jungle. The tree ants build their nests in trees, too. And this red ants are not only bigger then normal ants, they are very agressive and have big pincers.
Tree ants in nest, red ants with big pincers

Here is a big foto of the red ants. They are very agressive and can hurt you much, when you stumble in their nest.
Agressive red Ants in their tree nest

Back again at the beautiful lake we finish the jungle trip through the Forest Park of Cha-Am!
Lake of Cha-Am Forest Park

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